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Photo Gallery

Biodiversity Action Day 2013 Biodiversity Action Day 2013 Building the first floor of our bug hotel! 174470623 Building the second floor of our bug hotel! 174470624 Our bug hotel under construction! 174470625 Our butterfly/Buddleia bushes. We hope these bushes will attract some Small Tortoiseshell butterflies and Peacock butterflies between March and October! 174470626 Creating a lovely habitat for our mini-beasts in Rahara! 174470627 Observing our crocuses and daffodils under our Silver Birch tree. 174470628 Our green teams busy at work building our bug hotel! 174470629 Senior room pupils creating a web of life! 174473029 Look how our woodland river habitat is interconnected! 174473030 We realise how our eco-systems are so important! 174473031 Our web of life is finally created of our woodland river habitat. All our animals, mini-beasts, flowers, trees and habitats are interconnected! 174473032